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Can't thank you enough...

I once wrote in the liner notes of a CD that I'd make a web site one day (10 years ago) and write all my thank you's there. I've had so many people help me along the way, or worse; try to help me out and I just don't show up for it. Innumerable people have told me along the path: “I believe in you.” I'm feeling like for the first time, I'm showing up for that, too.

Anne Marie Cannon (pointing me in the direction)

Brad Droessler, Nick Kraska, Tim Miller, Tom Williams, Darren Brown (ng kindheit), along with Wendy Schneider and Greg Norman.
Tom Schoenhard, Ben Farringer, Mike Smith, Mark Meyer (3 bags full), along with Mark Whitcomb, Nate Bush, Heath Davis
Tom Naunas, Brad Wray, Michael Eicher, JJ Johnson, Eric Peters, Johann, Martha Stahl, Ed Feeny, Fazna , Dr. Bob (Abandon Control)
Nic Stage, Clay Ruby, Tony Endless, Nico Cain, Billy Hozian, Dan Woodman, Tyler Olson, Clay Colbinger, Bessie Cherrie, Peter Bajzek, Jennifer Reuf,  Brian Steele,  John Gould, Theresa Behnen, Jonathon Matthews, Daeve Ross, Dave Ladd, and so many more of the 2nd Family/Davenport experience
Jeremy Evans and Timothy Morgan (Ships in Eden)
Przemslaw "Krys" Drazek and Michael Kendrick (Matnia)
Jon Arnold and Frank Green (pageboys)
Theresa Behnen for her invaluable help on Carrot Carrot! And being a good friend and manager, layout artist, photographer, and champion, despite my protestations.
Nicole Bresnick, and especially Jeff Mann for getting me into the studio to record Carrot Carrot! (Jeff, really: THANK YOU!)
Certainly Laura DiJulius, Jeremy DiJulius Rocha, and Elsa Rochon for inspiring Carrot Carrot!
Jon Arnold for putting together shows and culling out the recordings for Live @ Mother Fool's.

Eric Geving for time , energy and talent putting my next work together. Biff Blumfumgagnge for the same!
Kenn Fox and Randy Greene for “and then there's that”

Johnny Miller, Hanah Jon Taylor, Jopp Post, Anna Rochon, Cathy Dethmers, Tom Hamer, Joanne Pow!ers, Sybil Augustine, Daniel Cashin, Noah Weatherton (NoHa), Raj Alwa, Carver Cordes, Stoo Odom, Mary Jenson, Kim Johnson-Bair (400 Saturdays) and Jim Bair, RJ Remington, Matt Horan, Greg Williard, Max Elliot, Angela McJunkin, Kerry Parker, Mars Miquelon, Jin Wen Yu, John Elrod, Emily Marcus, Bad Sister Heidi, Grego Everit, Guzzo Pinc, Deb Lee, Michael Walls, Teresa Nyholt, Steve Perlman, Nora Stephens, Jacob Mills, Steve Sklar, Johnna Morrow,Timothy Russel, Gregory and Jolanda Taylor, Sai Surianas, Eric and Aude Peden, Rick Streed, Liz Granby, Morgan Huerra, Kevin Trent Frey, Mike and Jefferson (Monster Crawfish), Robbie Beahrs, Aaron Scholz, Tom Lachmund, Stephen Boardman, Erica Mather, Dave and Julie King, David James, Steve Burke, Keysha Mabra, Julia Zeimer, Matt Love, Tom Christie, Wyman Brantley, Eli Colvin, Kia Karlen, Julie Luper, Raphi  Boehm, Claude Heintz, Pedro Horta, Rich Path, Jessie Manfrin, Frank (FRP) Perez, Jeff Brady, Adam Cain, Ethan Lund, Travis Marks, Mark Lea, Eunice Pitts, Red Eagle, Dor and Stephanie Ben-Amotz, Donna Pedersen, Jim Goronson, Jessica Horn, Gavin and Maria Smith, Coleen Hayes, Holly Everill, Sylvia/Jon and Max Lewis, Kathleen Fernald, Bob Stindt, Dave Adler,  Edgar Um, Nick Tamarkin, Alison Moncrieff, Anne and Fiona Weingartner, Roz Myles, Jonathon Grasse, Claude Cote, Nils Bultmann, Nicholas Rapheal, Dave Stearns, Cycropia, Jennifer Thompson, Alan Cross, Bob and Jane Koehl, Cassie and Matt Meyer, Nikki and Jason + Mira, Charlie and Oliver and Henry King, Gordon Raney, Kristen Sage, Steve Kockette, Norm Stockwell, Erik Honeycutt, Carol Bever, Celeste Rogers, Maggie Weiser, Matt Metzgar, Timothy Reynolds, Meggen Heuss, Ari Jon Whitewolf, Brian Standing, Angela Richardson, Julia Koza, Collette Stewart, Aspen Farm, Dave Villar, Jesse Godland, Robert Iwaniak, Sue Rescigno, Nicole Gruter, Odessa Piper, Jonathon Zarov, Janey Reuter, Barry Callen, Joe Dunscombe, Brook Chisholm, Sarah Engelke, Claire Kellisvig, Clara Beyer, Todd Seguin, Ed Mish, Zach Coulter, Monica Martin, Lyx Ish, Jane Capito, Robin Good, the girl in NYC who called me a “Hippie-Blixa,” Martin and David Alvarado, Simon Winterhalter, Bob Meyer, Steve Renfro, Camy Matthy, Michael Miller, Charles Fowlkes, James Crawford, Karly Fordahl, Oma Vic Murray, Natalie Purdy, Jesse Hanson, Jake Smith, Ralph Shively, Jack Sayre, John Siverly, AND Michael McKinley Meyer!


and how 'bout those bands?

system and station, digibot, pachinko, pilot to bombardier, the new black, rope, sailor harlot, bongzilla, bon squad, yammer, firm stools, katzenmallets, vanishing kids, postage, spires that in the sunset rise, merrick, ukeladies,  droids attack, here comes the ambulance!, best boy electric, tube tester, jam bang, quisling, stephanie rearick, victim's family, gunga din, mansfield deathtrap, handphibians, hintergedanken, pelt, post honeymoon, electric automatic, p'elvis, craig micrcassette system, zonk!, gomers, tormentula, hum machine, joe rut, south of no notrh, greg ginn, aaron scholz, shazy hade, street pyramids, tiny band, skaters, wooden wand and the vanishing voice, coma savants, endless, bastard trio, loop retard, arlt, million brazillians, zola jesus, eli august, solid gold, bradley fish, funrod, drain, right arm severed, magmalicious, bonobo secret handshake, V05, yid vicious, forward marching band, illegible bachelors

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