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photo: Scott Gordon

i've put together some samples on soundcloud to give you an idea of my palate, range, spiritedness, and antics.

while i was very happy to include a player, each link only plays in sequence. you don't get a menu, you have to wait for each song to end.    :(
better (for now) to just go to soundcloud/db-pedersen


This is my most recent recorded live performance @ Shokrasonica. 20 minute set accompanied by my dear friend Noah Weatherton on Shruti and throat singing.

this will be the link to voice sounds and samples, focusing on the range of my vocal effects and whathaveyou

this playlist is my solo work, mostly recorded live. there are some compositional themes that run though my work, but for the most part, I lay down loops as a base track/soundscape and work over the top (oddly: more from the anxiety of performing than confidence).

and these gems are from my exuberance to attempt to be a bona-fide rock star. with what i reckon to be a rocket-booster in the form of a band, i can immolate/freestyle over the top to tickle the viscera of the audience. yippee!
the catalog is 654 East Johnson after the house i rented for 5 years and started to do this work of finding my father via the primacy of screaming without boundaries. This house would become one of the many performance venues that sprouted up after the o'cayz corral burned to the ground.

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