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Here are some links to get you into the world of my work while i get this whole webby-sitey thing down to something more exact

my regular ol' FACEBOOK page

FACEBOOK​ db pedersen (Music)

FACEBOOK TMI: rants/words/humor

(search facebook, dbpovallejo:TMI)

YOUTUBE (mostly by me or friends)

SOUNDCLOUD all KINDS of my of stuff from my archive

Overtone Music Network


db pedersen on MYSPACE 


3 bags full on MYSPACE


Ng Kindheit on MYSPACE


last fm: downloadable tracks from Carrot Carrot!


"Carrot Carrot!" on CD baby   my last studio album, 2006


SPINITRON from WORT community radio, 2011, 2012 (playlists from jazz, rock, and experimental shows)

i think i have a page on fandalism, bandcamp(?)

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