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db shows his stuff

in the summer of 2011, Michael Bright approached me on the street during the Busking For Books event and asked if I'd like to be his featured artist for his organization for entrepreneurialism,  WAE2.

Michael brought me in before several members of Midwest arts' boards for this demonstration.

​Great page from WAE2 accompanying 

"Barking Underwater"

A reworking of a bit of the King family lore, this short was entered into the KINO film festival in Madison in the winter of 2008.
David, Julie, Charlie, Henry, and Oliver were all on board for this blustery day-shoot right outside the zoo that Charlie is seemingly never taken to. More great films by

KingCarnahan on youtube.

400 Saturdays, Oct 2012

asked to do a monologue about Yes's Close to the Edge by author Kim Johson-Bair for the release party for her work 400 Saturdays, I did more of an improv/tribute to an LP that influenced my childhood and life.

Rags to enrichment.

@ The High Noon Saloon, of course!

db and Timothy Russel collaborating for UW Dance "Empty Orchestra" (work in progress) @ Margaret H'Doubler Theater. This is dress rehearsal for Trio

these and other db videos on youtube

duet with Nils Bultmann at Madison Center for Cultural and Creative Arts, 2004 (just the tail end of the show).
Catch Nils' work at or his videos at

RED DRAGON TV appearance
Ari Jon Whitewolf has put together an arts devoted broadcast studio in Madison, and I have had the fortune to be featured a few times on his music show: Inna Godda Davida

Johnny Miller has done a great service for so many artists in Madison by recording performances, which he attends faithfully!

His youtube site is here

(I would insist that I'm not that funny if things like this didn't disprove it)


rehearsal shot for "blue."​​

Kerry Parker (movement), Angela McJunkin (cello), and db (shruti, percussion, voice) rehearse for a work to be presented at a benfit for Links Hall, Chicago, 2012​​​​​​​

Scoop Perlman's Guide to Art: db pedersen

is a pending project shot in 2006 by Brian Standing of Prolefeed Studios, Madison

originally intended for his project with Steve Perlman showcasing folk or self taught artists from south central Wisconsin, more than 8 hours of footage, interviews, samples, and sounds were shot, with even more accumulating as the years go on.hopefully i can get all this together in the near future and work on a documentary for release.

"talk about sending love."

in 2009, i accidentally wrote what will become  a book of stories that was written to catch up  a lover who i hadn't seen for 30 years. my heart, like a hobo's hen on a skewer over the flame too long, smarted out enough hurt to get me to reveal what i'd been hiding all these years.

the last time that happened, i got a voice out of the deal.

stay tuned

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