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​​db pedersen

​​vocal artist: extended voice/improv, singer, voice foley, sound effects, throat/ ployphonic singer, mimic

self-taught/outsider artist. comedy, theater, radio. author, monologues

works with:

UW Dance Program, Madison Children's Museum, WORT Community Radio

Collaborator, Innovator. Also plays Bass Guitar, Woodwinds, and Percussion


ng kindheit: no-wave crash distortion rock, 1997-2000

recorded and unreleased recordings, Coney Island (Madison), Uber Studio and Electrical Audio (Chicago)

3 Bags Full: scream-o/ math/ hard rock, 2002-2004

recorded and self-released "you seem nice" at __________ studio (Madison)

Abandon Control: improv jam psychedelia, 1998-present

live internet broadcast music performance with a number of self-released recordings

Second Family Band/Davenport: Psychedelic Folk band from southeast Wisconsin. Many releases on vinyl, CD, and cassette

2010 - present

2010 - present

la vida

db bio:

db grew up imitating the television: cartoon characters, sounds loud and subtle, sirens, electronics, birds, and bugs to escape the bellicose warring in his suburban home. notes from teachers often cited “david's propensity for loud and disturbing noises,” along with good grades and otherwise decent social skills.
participating in choirs, group theater, and stage chorus as a teenager (and also working in a pet store full of parrots) opened a lot of doors for singing and sound-mimesis, but db had plans on becoming a fire fighter, or paramedic, or chef, or grave digger, or traveler, or or or... and didn't pick it up again till he was thirty five and living in the midwest, having ignored the warning of Tom Waits to never set foot in Indiana (if one can help it).
growing intoxicated with the fecundity of seasons (with help), the voice that came out of db's throat was that of a wrathful deity set loose from the lock-me-tight of his larynx. answering ads for “vocal sound effects genius needed,” db started to explore improv comedy, radio broadcasting, and screaming for heaven to rain hot lead down his throat as an appeasement to the spirit of his long-dead and spitting image father.

while working as a farm hand at a south central Wisconsin gourmet lamb producer's ranch, db began the exaggerated and painful task of splitting his voice into a bouquet of sounding flowers. having an empty 80' steel grain silo to sing in was the perfect bell within which to tune his spirit projection.

with no prior knowledge of the phenomena, he was “throat singing” quite on his own. his mother saw the movie Genghis Blues, and sent him the soundtrack. “holy shit! I know this guy!” he said immediately upon opening the package and looking at the cover, relating that Paul Pena was the only patient to ever take a swing at him during his career as a medic (he had picked up Paul under worse conditions on 2 occasions while interning with SF's DPH medics).

the years of oral-laryngeal trauma from airway burns (breathing fire the wrong way), strep throat, STD (yep, right in the throat), years of drug-alcohol-tobacco abuse, fellating that one dyke-singer balls deep, coupled with the study of and a dozen or so successful endotracheal intubations, synergized or coalesced into db's having a pretty good grasp of what was going on in his sound hole and he started playing it like a flute wherever he went.

the years of living on the edge of life or death imbued him with not only the author's story telling ability that he was longing for, but it made him an adept improvisor, that, along with his sensitivity to sound and mimesis, make him a fount of creativity as a musician whether solo or in collaborative performance.

"i am both menacing and soothing, sometimes in the same performance. my favorite/not favorite reviews for a few years were from the prettiest girl in the room who would get a body guard and come up after a good rock and roll performance and say words to the affect of: 'i just wanted to let you know that i've never been more frightened and yet simultaneously nurtured-feeling as when you were just singing, then'

"so this means there's no chance of a hookup, i'm assuming"

"oh GOD, no!"



i have no formal training in voice, music, art.

i did attend vocational schools and received degrees and certificates for firefighter, EMT, hazmat, and paramedic.
all of my education in the culinary arts is work experience

* i did take one of Steve Sklar's throat singing workshops in Minneapolis in 2005 (i'm a liar).

I am available to tutor for barter.

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